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Treat Low Levels Of Testosterone With Androforte 5

AndroForte 5 is viewed as a cream containing testosterone, which is used to replace the body’s natural testosterone levels when it is not produced enough by the body. Testosterone is known as androgen, a natural hormone and controls the normal functioning and sexual development in men. Testosterone is essential in males for the development of their reproductive organs and other male characteristics like deep voice, facial and body hair, muscle mass, and body fat distribution. This cream is applied to the skin of the patient daily. The testosterone from the cream passes through the skin into the bloodstream.

This cream is a pharmaceutical grade bio-identical cream which is designed to target the low testosterone levels in men. Low testosterone levels affect men of every age. Aging, lifestyle, endocrine deficiency, and physical trauma can lead to testosterone deficiency. It is hormone replacement therapy cream that contains the same testosterone the body produces. Before the beginning the treatment, blood testosterone levels are monitored and tested again after a month of therapy. AndroForte contains 5% active ingredient testosterone and controls the symptoms but does not cure it. Therefore, it must be used daily and the users are advised not to break the continuity of using the cream.

Testosterone With Androforte 5

Dosage information

1 ml cream is considered the starting dose and thisdose is usually recommended. It should be applied to the scrotum daily in the morning. The beginning dose in a testosterone therapy is generally 50 mg testosterone. For the best results, it should not be applied to the hydrated skin. The scrotum absorbs the cream 5-7 times better than the upper body making it an ideal choice to get more with less application. The cream must be applied at the same time daily in the morning. Using at the same time daily helps to maintain a steady testosterone level in the blood and moreover, it is easy to remember too.

The cream has a shelf life of 2 years from the manufacturing date. If a user forgets to apply the cream, he should apply it as soon as he remembers. Do not use a double dose to make up the forgotten one. If the cream is overdosed wash it with soap and water. Before starting a new medicine, remind your doctor about using this cream. Also, tell other pharmacists and doctors about using it. In elderly men, doctors may conduct a blood test, examine prostrate, and monitor the blood sugar levels and blood pressure regularly. This is done to ensure the medication is working and also to check the unwanted side effects.

Use of this medication for women

Women should not use the cream and men should use it extremely cautiously. The cream should not come into contact with children as it causes adverse effects in children. Women who want to use the cream must know that virilization is a strong possibility. Virilization can lead to voice deepening, enlarged clitoris, smaller breasts, cessation of menstruation, and hair growth in body and face. Some of these effects are irreversible even if the cream is discontinued. It has a better absorption rate for men as it is applied on scrotum and not on the upper part of the body and AndroForte contains 5% active ingredient of testosterone.