Top Features to Expect from an Entry-level $500 Mountain Bike

For some people, riding bikes at high altitudes and difficult terrains is an adventure sport, for others, it is a way of life. Some people have taken this sport professionally and don’t mind spending thousands of dollars for acquiring the latest and the best mountain biking equipment. If you have just come to know about mountain biking and want to give it a shot, then let me tell you that you don’t need to break the bank, at least not in the first few years, where you will essentially be learning the basics. The most important thing that you will need is a mountain bike. You can get a killer mountain bike for less than $1000. Check out mountain bikes under 1000 to know how and where.

Even the best road bikes can handle light trails well but if that’s out of budget too lastly you can get a used bike from the internet at a much lower cost, but trust me, getting a good quality bike in the first few years of training is going to have a massive impact on the career growth you will have.

Entry-level $500 Mountain Bike

In $500, you can expect the following features:-

  1. A mountain bike with an aluminium frame: Frame of a mountain bike is its heart. Those steel framed mountain bikes cost less but they are definitely going to bug you on the trails. You want a heavy duty mountain bike that flies like a butterfly and stings like a beaver and a bike with an aluminium frame perfectly fits the description. Aluminium mountain bikes are strong and light-weight; they will surely help you in improving your mountain biking skills.
  2. A mountain bike with high number of gears: Truly speaking, number of gears has no relation to the quality of performance of a mountain bike. It is just that it is always good to have a bike with higher number of gears, in case you get to a steep climb. Having higher number of gears will help you climb steep slopes without getting bogged down with the strain on your legs. Higher number of gears means the step size is small. With a small step size, you will be able to shift at regular intervals and maintain your cadence.
  3. A bike that helps you in efficient braking: Braking is an important part of mountain biking. Be it while going downhill or taking sharp turns at corners, with efficient braking, you will get over these situations effectively. In $500, you will be able to purchase a bike that comes with disc brakes. Most probably, the disc brakes would be placed only in the front tires. This means, that when you will brake on downhill slopes, you will have to shift your weight to the back tire in order to prevent the rear tire from skidding.

All these features are definitely going to improve your training sessions and transform into a better mountain biker. Once you get to a level where you have the cash to purchase a professional grade mountain bike, you should go for a bike that comes with carbon frame. Carbon frames are stronger and lighter than aluminium; it is going to massively increase your odds of success.