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The Lowdown on Online Streaming Sites

As we enter the age of the gigabit internet, meaning speeds of up to 1 gigabyte per second, more and more streaming application are becoming available online. Streaming, or the act of transmitting or receiving data ( video or music) over the network as a steady continuous flow that allows playback to proceed while data is being received. Streaming requires a relatively fast internet to be of enjoyable use. This is also dependent on what type of media you are streaming. The general rule of thumb would be 2 Mbps for streaming standard definition video without skips or buffering delays. HD and 4k content require a much higher speed for delivery, 5 Mbps for HD and 9 Mbps for 4k content. In developed countries and in most metropolitan areas around the world, this is not a problem. For this reason, there is a prolific amount of online streaming websites for movies such as 123movies. The internet has become so fast that you can watch movies free tv. That’s right, streaming is quickly replacing television networks.

Lowdown on Online Streaming Sites

Issues with streaming are mostly related to speed and network availability. Streaming high-quality video is advisable only if you are in the comfort of home where your home network is the strongest and not advisable when you are mobile. Slow and intermittent connections are a problem this is because the media starts playing as soon as the first parts are downloaded or streamed into your device. If your device has streamed the first 30 seconds of the song or movie and the internet cuts off, it will cause stuttering or buffering of the media playback and this can be super frustrating. Buffering is the dreaded word when streaming. This is however not the fault of the website, but would rather be caused by the network provider or the location you are in. You could be in a moving vehicle that passed into a tunnel or passed by a temporary blind spot momentarily. Whatever the case may be, streaming is dependent on the strength of the network.

The issues, however, are far outweighed by the advantages of online streaming. So, barring any serious problems in the network, there is a lot of things going for online streaming. One is that you actually eliminate download times – no need to wait for content to finish downloading as it is already playing the moment you connect to its servers. Two is that it saves you a ton of money on subscriptions. Think of how much a cable tv subscription costs, and you practically have no control over what you can see except in changing the channels. With this online movie streaming sites, you can get access to almost unlimited movies and tv shows for free. Let us forget the cost, and let us talk about convenience. These free sites can actually let you continue your favorite tv show while on a 30-minute break from work. Long lines no longer bother you. You now actually look forward to the hour-long commute to and from work right? Furthermore, you can actually do this across all of your devices with a decent processor and screen size. Talk about control over your entertainment.

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