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Testosterone Supplements – A Look At The Variants

Testosterones are the hormones that are produced in the endocrine system of the body. These are produced by the testes and further synthesized by the adrenal glands that are available in both men and women. Pituitary gland is one such that controls the whole testosterone level in the body. This is also considered as the master gland of the body. Testosterones play an important role in the formation of the sexual characteristics in men and also boost up their sex drive. This also have the capability in the development of the reproductive system of males. Hormones act as a solution for the functioning of the different body organs. Testosterones affect the body on the way it stores the fluids, glucose and the energy level of the body. The testosterones depend on the age of the person. As the age increases the testosterones starts decreasing .The level of testosterone gets increased during the puberty period.

Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone supplements

Today there are a lot of testosterone boosting supplements available in the market for increasing the level of testosterones and the people are also concerned on the low level of this hormone. This hormone not only affects on the maturation of the sperm but also helps in increasing the muscles and the muscular strength and the other functions of the body. Testosterone gels are one such that helps in increasing the testosterone level of the body. Androgel is an example of the gels that are available online. But it is necessary that the gel need to be purchased only on the advice of the medical supervision and the medicine should be purchased on the basis of the prescription available from the professional.

While purchasing the testosterone gel online it is important that we know on the fact about the product that we purchase .It should be brought only from a reputable firm and should be applied as per the medical supervision. Testosterone replacement therapy need to be used only if we are sure that the testosterone level of the body is low. Otherwise there may be many serious side effects caused due to this. This causes irritation in the skin, excessive growth of the hair, gynecomastia and also lead to stroke.

Points that need to remember during the application of the gel

For applying the gel certain conditions need to be considered. The dosage of the gel can be applied as per the medical instruction or as per the conditions that are mentioned on the label.

  • The gel need to be applied on the skin directly.
  • The skin should be cleaned and dried before the application.
  • As per the instructions mentioned in it the gel need to be applied on the upper arms, thighs or in the part of the shoulders.
  • It should be taken care that the medicine should not be applied on the wounded part or any area of the skin which broken or kept open.

The cream can be applied on the skin directly or by using the pump to the palms and apply on the area.