Does The Pasture Based Farming Have Advantages?

You may have heard about the term pasture based farming and not sure as to what it actually means or implies. In fact, this type of farming has received a large amount of marketing hype. It is promoted as being both ethical and had dietary benefits. Now, if you look at this type of farming closely, you will find that it does render many advantages for the population and farmers.

The animals at pasture farms are fed grass and they are considered to be more healthy over the animals that are reared in factory farms. This is the primary reason why you will find that their meat is better in taste and flavor when cooled.

Pasture Based Farming

Geoffrey Morell is the co-founder of P.A Bowen Farmstead and he raises livestock in pastures. This farm produces high quality meat and dairy products for consumers. He says that farming that is pasture based is considered to be a major enhancement over traditional farming methods. The animal welfare activists actually support this type of farming and encourage it across the world. They are against the battery type of farming that they consider to be abusive to the animals that are forced to live in the farm. They state that this kind of farming is said to be cruel.

The disadvantages of factory farms

Here you will find that the space is cramped and the environment not at all hygienic for the animals. They are taken away from their natural environment and are forced to behave in a certain way to benefit the end purpose of the farm. This further is aggravated as the breeders tend to utilize the hormones and they deploy excessive antibodies for their needs and profits.

Benefits of the pasture farms

Compared to the conventional farms, they are more cleaner and hygienic. There are communicable diseases spread among the animals and they can naturally allowed to live their lives. The use of antibiotics is also reduced to a very large extent and the animal in the farm also receives veterinary care as and when needed. The farm again has no headache when it comes to the disposal of the wastes of the animals. The waste in the pasture farm is allowed to decompose in the soil to boost its fertility.

Diet and natural behavior of the animals

The diet and the natural behavior of the animals are also different from those that are bred in the traditional farm. Their nutrition is also better and it is completely natural. The meat that is derived from the cattle that is bred on pastures has less fat but they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that is beneficial to health. Meat that has been obtained from a pasture has a more balanced ration of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids.

Last but not the least Geoffrey Morell also states that the meat of animals that are fed and bred on grass tastes different from the animal meat that are reared on conventional farms. The meat is mineral rich and has a better taste that is different from animals that are raised on factory farms.