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Is Igf-1 Lr3 A Preferred Injectable Form For Body Building? Know More!

Out of so many popular dietary supplementation products in town, IGF-1 or insulin like growth factor-1 has proved to be extremely beneficial in causing proper body building impacts and promoting greater physical power. You will find this product definitely in the nutritional shelves of professional body builders and weight lifters since they use it more often for upgrading their athletic output in different competitive sports and tournaments. The injectable solution form of the product is commercially available in the market under the brand name of IGF-1 LR3, which stands for insulin like growth factor-1 long arginine 3. From the name itself you can guess that the natural product has been synthetically designed in such a way that the chemical structure of IGF-1 has been altered to attach a long chain of 13 arginine amino acids to its original molecular structure. IGF-1 is a peptide hormone that is as long as 70 amino acids and addition to that, 13 more have been attached to its structure. This is done with the help of advanced recombinant DNA technology and serves a better and stronger purpose than the parent peptide hormone releasing factor. To get more information on the regulation and release of IGF-1 LR3, visit the official website of and buy the product at the best price.

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How is IGF-1 formed?

Central dogma of life suggests that a particular functional protein or enzyme is produced in the body through three major processes in the sequential order- replication of DNA or gene, transcription of DNA and translation of mRNA (messenger RNA). Similarly if the IGF-1 protein has to be produced in the body, it has to be synthesised by the IGF1 gene which will undergo transcription and translation to produce functional insulin like growth factor-1. What exactly happens during the central dogma?

Replication of a gene means duplication of a double stranded DNA sequence to increase in the copy number. Transcription refers to the process of conversion of a duplex DNA into a single stranded hnRNA or heteronuclear RNA (inactive form). The hnRNA later converts into mRNA on several methylation and other modifications in the chemical structure. Translation of this mRNA describes the decoding of codon sequences in the strand into functional proteins due to the formation of amino acids. IGF-1 is produced in the same way as many other crucial hormones and peptide chains in the body.

What is the function of IGF-1 LR3?

Once functional IGF-1 is formed in your system, it is kept in store for release during the adequate time. It is triggered after the stimulation of growth hormone from the somatotropic cells under the influence of the pituitary gland. When the gland becomes weak in stimulating sufficient amount of the hormone and its factors endogenously, there comes a need for exogenous supply.

IGF-1 LR3 is a synthetically modified version of the IGF-1 produced by the IGF1 gene for promoting muscle gains and enormous body strength at a rapid rate.