How To Prevent Boating Accidents

In order to prevent injuries and damages that occur in boating accidents, both boat operators and passengers can follow some simple steps and keep themselves safe.

Alcohol is said to be the major cause of boating accident deaths as per a report. When operating a boat, it is recommended to avoid drinking as it can not only save him getting arrested but also save many lives.

Ensure that the boat has enough safety equipment such as life jackets, flotation devices like first-aid kit, emergency supplies, boat lights, a fire extinguisher, anchor and others. Boat owners must make sure that adequate life jackets are available for passengers to wear in crisis.

Keep the boat and all safety equipment appropriately to prevent failure of the proper functioning of the boat.

Monitor water conditions and weather carefully before heading out. If the weather is going to get bad, it is safe to return to shore than sailing in environmental issues.

Load passengers or gear properly. Make sure to follow the boat guidelines and avoid capsizing and improper weight distribution.

Boat operators should have the knowledge of necessary safety instructions and that can be done by taking an accredited boat safety course.

Keep a watch on the water and work on assuring safe boat operations. Avoid getting distracted by passengers and keep your focus on the movements of the boat, water and weather conditions, other vessels and surroundings.

Make sure to maintain a safe speed and obey the speed limits. Boat operators should travel at a speed that is considered to be safe in light of weather conditions and current water levels.

All boating and navigation rules must be followed as they are meant to ensure safety and prevent accidents.

Some of the boating regulations followed in Nevada for drivers and passengers are – children under 13 years of age must compulsorily wear life jackets throughout on watercraft, a person operating a boat with more than 15 horsepower should be someone who is born in or after 1983 and has completed a boating education course, operating a water vessel under the influence of alcohol is illegal, orange flag must be used to show a skier is down, operation of a vessel within 100 feet of a flag is not allowed, operating a motorboat in excess of the posted speed is illegal, creating a wake in a no-wake zone is illegal, operating a boat in dangerous weather conditions is illegal.

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