How to Attract Film Finance

Attracting film finance can be very difficult, even for movie veterans. But it is not impossible, and learning how to talk to potential investors has a great importance in landing the necessary funding. Here are a few pointers on how to maximize your chances when pitching your movie to an investor.One important aspect is to show the investor that you know how movies are financed and how a budget is planned. Investors do not like much movie makers that describe themselves as creative producers who do not know anything about movie financing.

It is important to show the potential investors that you are well aware of how you want to be helped from a financial point of view. Because of the poor financial presentation they make, movie makers with no knowledge of financial aspects under their belt have a very low chance of getting the funding they need.

Attract Film Finance

Another aspect that can help you get film finance for your project is the ability to listen. Investors often complain that the people who come to see them about movie financing are often too engrossed with their project to hear suggestions and to carry a real dialogue on the matter. If you have no room for negotiation, do not expect the best results.

You need to present your project well. Invest some work in your presentation and show the commercial potential your movie has. Keep in mind that investors are interested in projects that can return their investment, so this aspect is quite important.When you are talking to a potential investor, never make promises that you cannot keep. In this field, reputation is a very valuable asset, and, if you do not manage to deliver as promised, in the future, other doors will just close in your face, limiting your chances for getting film finance.

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