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Experience Massive Gains with Dbol

Methandrostenolone, popularly known in the market as Dianabol or Dbol is an oral anabolic compound which has the ability to provide massive muscle gains to users while maintaining their high level of strength and stamina. Unlike similar other compounds, this is available only in oral form which makes it a preferred compound for those who prefer to avoid the injectable version due to inconvenience and risk of major side effects. The high anabolic and moderately androgenic nature of this supplement promote the build of protein in the body and aids in the building up of muscle tissues.

Experience Massive Gains with Dbol

Ensuring proper dosage intake

For those who are amateurs or first-time users of Dbol should know that there are two options to purchase the oral version of this compound. It is usually available in 10mg tablets and 25mg tablets for professional users. Being a potent compound the dosage level of this Hi-Tech Muscle & Strength supplementmust be titrated according to its effect on the body to ensure that no negative impact occurs from its use. For a beginner the dosage level of 10mg should be appropriate to start off with and users can either opt to take it all in one go or split up the intake level into 5mg denominations twice daily.

Most male users prefer to opt for the split version due to the short half-life of the compound of about 4 hours. Those who get used to the basic intake level can gradually increase the dosage by 5mg per day judging by the tolerance level of the user. Advanced users, however, prefer to increase the dosage intake up to 50mg per day. But it should be kept in mind that increasing the dosage beyond the permissible limit does not increase the benefits but creates a substantial increase in the risk of major negative impacts on the body.

Market availability

The legal status of Dianabol is quite complicated as far as human consumption is concerned. The FDA has prohibited the use of such substance in the US even for treatment of medical conditions and as a result it is not available for sale legally in the US. However, places like Mexico makes it readily available for sale over the counter for personal consumption. For those looking to purchase, sell, produce, procure or consume such supplement in the US must be aware of the legal implications before taking such step.

Despite many US companies manufacturingthis Hi-Tech Muscle & Strength supplement in injectable form to be shipped outside most of the products available in the State comes from Mexico.So, a major question that arises in the minds of many is where to buy Dianabol in the US without a prescription. Although it is not recommended but potential users have the option to have access to such products from the underground market which makes it available for research related work. But getting caught with such substance without any valid reason can lead to severe legal complications on the part of the offender.