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Difference between Big Real Estate Agency and a Boutique Firm

The choice between a big real estate agency and a boutique firm is totally dependent on the client’s needs and specifications. Though there is not much of a difference but still they have the overlying points which differentiate them from each other. Generally, these big real estate agencies have a bigger name in the market and more well known to the people. People tend to recognize them by their logos and their large office building structures separate them from the boutique firms and their chief agents like Joe Johnson Welfont. The staff over here is well qualified with high levels of training.

The only setback is that the agents as well as the individual, both are treated in the same manner. Both of them have to apply the same procedure and approach thus making it a bit awkward and senseless. For these bigger firms, an application is just a number and they don’t have any emotional attachment or behavior attached to an individual. The services provided by these bigger firms are not up to the mark at all times because of the agents loyalty and retention with the brand. In most of the cases, agents are supposed to search on their own and hence the service provided might be unreliable.

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They need to follow the instructions of the corporate headquarters and cannot move ahead on their own thus limiting their scope and not much chances of change to happen. Moreover, these agents associated with traditional firms might be working part time thus affecting the goodwill of the firm and its reputation among the clients. They are just the shadows of the corporate headquarters and have to follow what is being told to them and cannot implement changes on their own. This is a limiting factor for their services.

Boutique real estate agencies provide high end training to their agents so that they can deal more comfortably with the customers and handle any kind of real estate issues. They are more professional and confident in their approach thus giving positive vibes to the customers. The services provided are of high end and world class and the best in the market. Technology is fully utilized for better efficiency and great results. These agents tend to change as per the individual’s needs and thus are more flexible in their approach. They are the leaders of the market and must be taken very seriously. They customize their services as per the customer’s need and preference and more open to ideas thus treating each individual as unique and separate from one another. Hence, the customers can rely upon agents like Joe Johnson Welfont as it is a big in size and is a commercial real estate brokerage company.

Boutique firms consider each client as an individual and separate out his/her needs. They work specifically for a client and hence provide the best of the customer service. They are well established in the market and train their staff accordingly. The staff is more patient and more individualistic in its approach.