Alaska Holidays or Shall We Go to Orlando?

Alaska is unique with vast swathes of spectacular scenery, incredible mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers and fjords. The National and state parks are teeming with wildlife and the Native communities are rich with culture and tradition. Above all Alaska is a great place for adventure.

Choosing Places The sheer size of this expansive state is breath-taking so unless you have unlimited holiday time you’ll have to select an area to visit to get the best out of a holiday here, whether that’s exploring the coastline, heading along the wonderful winding roads of the interior, going up to the far north to cross the Arctic Circle, visiting Anchorage and the surrounding area or marveling at the outstanding beauty of the fjords on the Inside Passage.

Alaska Holidays or Shall We Go to Orlando

Choosing Adventures Alaska is a fantastic choice for family activity holidays with a wide variety of fun and adventurous activities to embark on which can be suitable for all ages. Hiking can be incredibly rewarding here with so many stunning views this is a great way to get really close and breathe the air of this refreshing and stimulating countryside.

Sea kayaking, canoeing and rafting are particularly popular water-based activities, offering a fun and the physically challenging way to escape into the natural world. Equally exhilarating are cycling and skiing. Winter is an especially good time of year to visit as there are numerous iconic winter experiences to enrich your stay such as seeing the northern lights, dog mushing, heading to the slopes for snowboarding and skiing or zipping around on a snowmobile.

Whatever the season, perhaps the best way of all to really appreciate the vastness of Alaska, however, is to head into the skies on a sightseeing flight and gaze down onto the wild and wonderful land from above. This is a country where it is possible to go whale watching, see brown bears, spot caribou or seals and to enjoy the unparalleled sight of a glacier calving into the sea.

Many trips include guided wildlife tours with experts leading groups to just the right places to watch these fascinating animals in their natural environment. Another way to get close to the wildlife is on a fishing trip and the chance to stand mid-river learning the art of fly fishing for salmon should not be dismissed. Choosing Culture No Alaska holidays are complete without taking in some of the cultural highlights.

The old mining towns have museums and artefacts recounting the history of the region, you can even have a go at panning for gold yourself. The culture of the Native inhabitants is deeply respected with many museums and festivals honoring the traditions – totem carving and native dancing are just two aspects of this fascinating heritage.

There is so much to learn both for children and adults that a visit to any of these cultural centers will be educational as well as fun. Far reaching both physically and spiritually a holiday to Alaska will enlighten and expand the way you experience life, after a visit here your life will never be the same.

And yet at the other end of the country lies Orlando, different in almost every way – beaches, theme parks, sunshine, shopping and with no less adventure, culture and stunning nature and wildlife to enjoy…so which shall we choose? AUTHOR BIO: Amanda Bromfield writes regularly on holiday destinations for a range of travel websites and blogs. She has travelled extensively around the world including on several Alaska holidays and because she travels with her family she is an expert at spotting the best family activity holidays to keep everyone entertained.