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The Advantages of using an Induction Cooktop

Often referred to as heatless cooking, the induction method of cooking has all of a sudden become extremely popular far and wide. It has come to be one of the most relied upon and sought after medium of cooking. In fact, in most places the traditional gas and electrical cookers have been replaced by this novel innovation. The biggest highlight of this type of cooking technology is the aspect of safety that it ensures.

Because there is no use of open flames or any kind of hot coil, the induction methodology is perhaps the safest means of cooking. The induction cooktop producers like Nu Wave have furthered this feature of safety by installing their NuWave Pic with sensors. The uniqueness of these sensors is that they enable the auto shut off mode of the cooktop when no cookware is placed on the cooktop.

The basic safety factor of any induction cooktop is its foundation technology, electromagnetic waves. It is these waves that generate heat within the coil inside the cooktop, this heat causes the molecules of the pan’s base to slowly vibrate and pass on the heat to the contents inside it. Thus, only the food and the pan are heated and not the cooktop.

The efficiency of the induction cooktop is however never compromised. The major point of difference between the traditional methods and the induction is that while in the latter the heat is generated within the pan, in the former the heat is generated in the burner from where it is transferred to the pan and its contents. In this way no amount of heat is wasted at all, this is what makes the induction cooktop so incredibly efficient.

Since the heat is generated in a proper way in an induction medium, it allows the induction cooktops like NuWave Pic to achieve high temperatures within no time at all, and hence hastening the process of cooking to a great extent. This is why, it is an absolute time saver. Even when temperatures are changed, the change is very precise and instantaneous which is unlike the gas cookers. In these the change in temperature takes more time to get to the pan.

The convenience of these induction tops is varied and extremely helpful for cooks particularly. The non emission of heat helps in keeping the surrounding area cool and thereby comfortable for the person cooking. The homemakers gain benefit from this but it is the cooks of restaurants who feel more grateful for this feature, because they have to stay close to the ovens for longer duration of time.

It is a fact, that previously the induction cooktops were pretty expensive, but as time has evolved technology too is constantly devising upgraded versions of this great cooking assistant. The increasing popularity of these has brought down their prices considerably and made it accessible to more people.

The advantages of induction cooktops are so many that even the most inexperienced hands can try a hand at their cooking skills with the help of this without any fear.

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