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A Dog Lovers Guide to Holidays in Norfolk

More and more people are deciding to take their dogs on holiday with them. It sounds like a strange idea to people without pets but to animal lovers, there’s nothing more rewarding. In light of the fact that over 25% of Brits have at some point decided not to the holiday because they didn’t want to leave their pet behind – it seems like a very positive development, says the Telegraph. If your dog is friendly and well behaved, why shouldn’t he or she be entitled to enjoy a weekend in the sunshine?

Norfolk, in particular, has become a very popular holiday destination with dogs and their owners. There are many different reasons for this, one of the most important being that Norfolk is notoriously dog friendly. Many of its beaches, parks, pubs and even cafes welcome dogs as long as they are well-behaved and friendly. If you’re looking for your next holiday destination and you want to take your furry friend along with you – why not consider a trip to Norfolk?

Holidays in Norfolk

Beaches There are lots and lots of dog-friendly beaches in Norfolk, so you and your pet will be spoilt for choice. There are some that require owners to keep their dogs on leads whilst on the beach, but the vast majority welcome free running dogs of all breeds. There’s the beautiful Oldham beach and nature reserve that stretches all the way from Wells-next-the-sea to Burnham Ovary. This splendid beach is miles long and, at least, a mile wide – it really is the perfect place for your pet to run around and stretch his legs. Your dog is welcome to explore the pine woods and nature reserve close by, just as long as you clean up after him and don’t allow him to chase any of the wild animals that live there. There’s also Old Hun Stanton beach, Bran caster Norfolk beach and winter town beach.

Inland Walks & Hikes Norfolk is an ideal place to go walking – there are miles and miles of beautiful countryside in every direction. If your pooch is the energetic type who often wears you out with his bounteous exertions, Norfolk could be the perfect holiday destination. When it comes to the parks, woodland, cliff tops and marshes of Norfolk, there are very few restrictions. Once again, as long as you clean up after your dog and don’t allow him to bother other walkers or the wildlife that lives in the area – you can take him or her pretty much anywhere. Why not embark on a walking trip through the peaceful Latham marshes? Or take a stroll around Sandringham or Sheringham? Once you get deep into the woodland, there are no roads to worry about and your furry friend is safe to wander off unaccompanied, say the experts at Tour Norfolk.

Accommodation, fortunately, this area of the country is filled with dog-friendly holiday cottages and accommodation. There are literally hundreds to choose from, so you shouldn’t have any trouble picking out a spot where you and your pet will feel comfortable and at home, says GlavenValley. Some holiday cottages only allow one pet and others do have specific restrictions in place –check out the variety of Cottages Direct pet-friendly accommodation for further details. Generally speaking, the only rules in place are the ones that you’d expect. You shouldn’t let your dog jump on or damage furniture. You should always clean up after him.

You should be aware of the fact that you are responsible for his behavior at all times. Other than, you’re largely free to do as you wish with your pet. That’s the beauty of a place like Norfolk. It’s ever friendly, ever welcoming and ever enjoyable. Author Bio: Sophie Wiggins is an accountant and a mother of two. She and her family stay in Cottages Direct pet friendly accommodation when they take their annual trip to Norfolk. Sophie can usually be found playing at the park with her children and her dog Poppy.