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9 Gift Ideas that can rule Every Season and Every Festival

India is a land of diversity with a maximum number of religion juxtaposed in one geographical map. As there are different religions, so our culture is a vast one because each and every religion carries its distinct characteristics. This variety in culture, religion, and language has given various histories to my beloved country. A large segment of our existence is surrounded by various festivals that we celebrate equally. And every time, a festival knocks our door, we get ready with the gifts because this gifts exchange is the most thrilling, exciting, and funny part.

Here are some of the gifts and gift ideas that would always be loved by your near and dear ones:

mesmerizing flower bouquet

  1. The mesmerizing flower bouquet for your friends, family, and loved ones would always remain an all-time favorite both for the sender and the receiver. Order some alluring flowers for your mother on the eve of mother’s day.
  1. For your sweet and naughty sister order one rakhi puja thali so that she can pray for your longevity with a brand new thali. Also do not forget the big bouquet of chocolates and keep it for the end as a surprise.

rakhi puja thali

  1. A recliner or a bean bag can be gifted to your brother on any occasion and we are sure that he would love the gift way too much.
  1. For the grandma of yours, go ahead and gift an embellished temple along with some idols of Gods and Goddesses. There can be no other gift that would be loved by her so much than this one.
  1. If your grandpa is fond of drinking, you can easily go for a wooden whiskey barrel. The material of wood would provide an old-world hippie look and your grandpa is going to love it. You may add a set of whiskey glasses as well.

spacious handbag

  1. A big and spacious handbag can be kept as a gift for your elder sister. For girls, there’s always an undying love towards the handbags and they really carry a while world inside them.
  1. You can buy a rakhi thali for yourself and a set of deodorant and sunglasses for your brother to celebrate the rakhi with style.

Feng-shui products

  1. Feng-shui products are really getting popular day by day. People are studying the science of their home and are eager to improve their luck by placing these products at variously referred directions. Wishing all the best to your friend on his/her birthday, you can pack some of the feng-shui products so that he/she can benefit out f it. Also do not forget to explain the direction for keeping them.


  1. No festival can be complete without a good dose of cakes. On online gift shops like Ferns N Petals, you would come across such huge numbers of delectable cakes, that for a moment you would be confused deciding on which one to gift. But take a good look at them and send them to people you love on various occasions.