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4 Lies Advertisers Are Feeding You

Take a look at a simple plastic bottle. Make that a bottle of… well, bottled water. If you were an advertiser, what would you say about this particular brand of bottled water to make people buy it? That’s right, tons and tons of lies! The same goes for simple household products – advertisers love to make them look complicated with torrents of technical nonsense. Because baking soda is baking soda – there just isn’t much room for innovation and this makes an advertiser’s job a living nightmare! Here are four lies the advertising industry has been feeding you for decades.

#1. Your Hair Requires Treatment With Special Shampoo

Unless you are homeless, French, bald, or a hippie, shampoo is an essential part of your personal care. But how are you supposed to choose a product when there are thousands of brands out there? After all, it’s just soap for your hair, right? Why are there so many variations of a single concept? Is there really any difference in how all of them clean your hair?Every shampoo ad brags about how their product makes a lot of foam. And people think that this actually has something to do with the cleaning process. But in reality, it doesn’t. In fact, here is a thorough article called the Science of Shampoo – hopefully, this will clear the confusion. And that’s right, you don’t actually need a special type of shampoo to clean your hair with. All shampoos have one cleaning ingredient – detergent. Which means that the cheapest one you can find will do the trick. Keep in mind that we’re talking about the cleaning properties of shampoo – we are excluding all the conditioners and extra toxic waste.

Lies Advertisers

#2. You Need a Special Toothbrush and Toothpaste

If we are to trust toothpaste commercials, our teeth are ticking time bombs that will explode and take out a bunch of people. We often see how fake teeth scientists stop random strangers on the street, inspect their mouths with magic teeth-scanning equipment and inform them that their mouths are under attack by dangerous germs. Ordinary toothpaste just doesn’t do the trick against the super germs – you need the latest product of a large dental conglomerate if you are to preserve your pearly whites. And we don’t even want to mention how hard it is to choose the proper toothbrush – you either get yourself a high-end electric toothbrush or you might as well just use your toilet bowl brush to clean your teeth from now on.

But according to this study, dental health experts have concluded that it doesn’t really matter what brand of toothpaste you use. As long as your pick of toothpaste contains powdered calcium and fluoride, pretty much anything will do.

#3. Razors and Racing Cars Have Something in Common

Once upon a time, men used a single-blade cutthroat razor to remove the excess hair from their faces. Slicing an artery open before breakfast was something not so rare back then. But around WWI, the safety razors become popular. They made bleeding to death while shaving a lot harder. A safety razor is pretty much an angled blade on a stick – they nailed it the first time around. You can hardly improve its design.

But Gillete thinks otherwise. And that is exactly why they keep trying to convince us that their latest version of the blade-on-a-stick invention is groundbreaking – a total game changer! More than a decade ago, Gillete introduced the ultimate shaving experience – the Mach 3! But three blades are just not enough these days. And that is why they assembled a team of highly-regarded engineers, embarked on intensive clinical and laboratory research, performed thousands of test shaves… to bring the razor that would make Mach 3 look a child’s toy. As it turn out, the result of all this was two more blades. Yes, it took them all that to include two more blades.

In other words, advertisers and manufacturers are just feeding us more and more lies so we thing that their products are special. But in reality, they haven’t changed all that much since they were created… decades ago!

#4. You Need Heavy-duty Cleaning Products for Your Home

The advertising industry would have us believe that our homes are caked from top to bottom with disease spreading germs. That is why we need heavy-duty commercial cleaners to tackle the threat! Otherwise our kids will grow to be ill and ugly. Most will have hard time keeping the spit in their mouths.It’s just like the whole story with the shampoo – there are millions of household cleaning products, how can you choose the right one? But that’s not even the most important issue – the thing is, commercial cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that are bad for your health. And for the environment for that matter. Yes, they do a great job eliminating household germs and other unsanitary agents like dust mites but at a price! Every time you use them, you breathe in some of the poisonous fumes. In time, this may induce serious health problems like asthma and even cancer.

On top of that, it turns out that it is quite easy to kill a lot of germs with sanitizing products… but it is a lot harder to kill all of them. And the ones who survive will be very angry at you. And mutated. Yes, bacteria evolve quite fast and some already laugh in the face of penicillin. Super germs exist and are out to get you!So what is the alternative you might ask? How can you possibly clean your home without all those helpful bottled cleaning solutions? Well, according to this company which provides domestic cleaning in London — — there are many household products which have cleaning properties. Vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, borax, and dish-washing soap can be used for green cleaning at home. And the best part is that they tend to be a lot more cheaper than commercial cleaners.