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3 Window Shapes That Make Your Home Look More Inviting

Window on the World If your home is your castle, then your windows are the lenses through which you view the world outside your realm.  Windows that suit your home’s architectural style and the environment represents a real asset.  Windows can make a real impact on the interior of a room as well as on the exterior of your house or flat. In high-rent districts like New York City, a desirable view is considered a top-level premium. Placement of original windows, as well as window repair in NYC apartments and other high-end real estate markets, is taken seriously by many developers and real estate managers.  Both the size and shape of windows are taken into account, and the three general window shapes below are among the most popular.

 Arched Windows Arched windows are generally square or rectangular on three sides, with the fourth side shaped into a point or into an arch. Arched windows are very versatile; they can accommodate various sizes. Arched windows can include a single pane or several panels integrated into the overall shape. Arched windows provide a type of visual appeal for the interior of a room or the exterior of a structure. However, arched windows can be plain or ornate to suit the overall architectural style of the building or room where they are located. Arched windows are more expensive than square or rectangular windows, but not as expensive as round or oval windows.

Window Shapes

Square or Rectangular Windows Square or rectangular windows are far and away the most common window type and with good reason. Square or rectangular windows can be reproduced to standard dimensions and are easily incorporated into the design and construction of a building. Large picture square or rectangular windows provide visual appeal as well as an extraordinary source of natural light. Smaller windows with opening and closing mechanisms provide a source of ventilation.  Smaller square or rectangular panes are often incorporated into larger overall windows.

Round or Oval Windows Round or oval windows are especially difficult to incorporate into the overall structure of a building. For this reason, most round or oval windows are smaller and used to provide accents rather than serving as the main window to a room.  Round or oval windows also place limits on ventilation, because it is difficult to incorporate an opening and closing mechanism into the window designs. Round or oval windows are often found in attics or in exterior doors, where they provide visual appeal to areas that may otherwise appear drab or bland.

Replacing round or oval windows can often represent a major expense because they are so complex to install. Choosing the Right Window Shape To a large extent, the window shape that best suits your home depends on your taste and your budget. Square or rectangular windows make the sense for most locations and certainly represent the most economical window shape. Arched windows are often used on the front of your house to provide an inviting view from the street.

 Round or oval windows may be used in various locations, but because of their expense, round or oval windows are often placed where they can be readily viewed from the street. Adam Jenson is a property manager. He frequently shares his tips for building the design on real estate blogs.