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3 Tips for Preventing and Handling Unwelcome Critters

Whether you live in the country, a suburb, or large city, you’ll inevitably have to deal with some pesky members of the animal kingdom. Creatures such as moles and gophers can wreak havoc in your garden, as can deer and squirrels. However, many people are surprised to find that these creatures often overstep their bounds and venture into a residence. Keep reading to discover ideas for avoiding an unwelcome home invasion, and how to react appropriately if you find a surprise inhabitant. Spot The Trouble Areas If your home is in need of repair, it can offer a welcome haven for wildlife. Animals are notoriously creative in figuring out ways to use your home as a shelter, and they’ll almost see any small opening as an opportunity to enter.

 Get into the habit of inspecting your home twice a year, and fix any openings that you find. This will help you discourage unwelcome guests from sharing your home, and could lower your energy bills, too. Be Responsible With Trash And Debris People often place their recycling bins and trashcans by the curb the night before a scheduled pickup, not realizing that it could potentially attract wildlife. To an animal, unsecured containers pose an invitation to explore. If you habitually leave your trash where they can find it, there’s a good chance they’ll eventually feel bolder and venture closer to your home. One of the alcohol rehab centers in Florida found this out the hard way when their location started attracting rats and even raccoons due to their trash cans and dumpsters.

Preventing and Handling Unwelcome Critters

Adjust your habits by bringing out your trash on the morning of a pickup, instead. Also, make sure to use containers with tightly fitting lids. If you have a compost heap, look for ways to keep it covered, and never include scraps of meat in your compost. Also, keep leaf piles and loose branches away from the house, because animals often use them as a nest. Behave Humanely Recently, a Brooklyn apartment dweller found that he was sharing the space with a raccoon. This proves that you don’t necessarily have to live near a wooded area to be at risk for a potential animal problem. No matter where you live, don’t panic if you do notice an animal in your home.

While you’re figuring out how to catch raccoons or other wild creatures, always aim to be as humane as possible. Companies sell traps that are easy to set, and don’t harm the animal. After the animal has been lured inside, you can simply call your local animal control office for advice about releasing it back into its natural habitat.

Clearly, it’s possible to live in harmony with animals by simply changing your habits so you’re not unwittingly extending a warm invitation to creatures that may be looking for shelter or food. Use the suggestions above to close the door on unwelcome houseguests, and know how to respond properly to an issue. Author Bio: Orlando Bryant is a blogger and likes to blog about various topics and up comings in various niche. He likes to travel and visit new places.